Hey, all:

Just a quick note to say that this friday I’ll be donating my entire batch of the Irish Red beer I made to a benefit party being thrown by a few of my friends for Oregon United for Marriage! OUM is holding the benefit on Valentine’s Day to help raise money to promote the passage of the same-sex marriage initiative that will be on the ballot later this year, and I’m donating my keg of beer in support of the effort.

The batch, which I’ve dubbed ‘Cushlamochree’ in honor of the event, will be free at the party, but I’m encouraging tasters to donate $1 to Oregon United for each cup. It’s a dark, malty red with an excellent aroma and mild hop bitterness, perfect for the ‘indian winter’ we’ve been having in Portland this week. ‘Cushlamochree’ is an Irish term of affection meaning ‘my darling’, but which literally translates to something closer to ‘vein of my heart’. Hat-tip to my pal Kurt for the name!

I’ve got the keg of Red on the gas as we speak, getting carbed up and ready to serve.

Details for the party are here on facebook, and don’t forget to RSVP on the evite!